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About Hair Product Production Time

Many customers can not understand why the custom wig need more than 4 weeks to make it? Today I want to explain it that why need so long time to custom? First, everyone need different color and different length, so we need to choose hair first and then deal with the hair, if you need dark color then just need to dye it, it always need 3-5 days to dye it, but some customers want lighter color then we need to bleach it first and then dye it, so it need 5-10 days to finish it. Second we need to make the cap for customers, everyone may need different size. After that we need to ship the hair and cap and all details to North Korea, If you are aslo in hair business many years, I believe you must know why we need to shio to North Korea to make the wig. Yes because the labor in here is cheaper. So all the hand made wigs need to ship to North Korea to make it. After the hand made part is finished, they will ship to China. Then we need to make the machine made part. And last we need to curl the hair if customers ordered wave or curl. So all the production time is always need 6-8 weeks to make it. I really hope your understanding because we will do our best to give our cutomers the best quality. Top quality hair and wigs are worth waiting for it, aren't it ? Thanks for our customers' trust , we will still supply the best quality and service for you .

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