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Hair Loss, Common Causes and Easy Solutions

Do you know your hair loss pattern? How to choose the best hair replacement system for yourself? If you are annoyed by mild or moderate loss of hair, hair pieces, toppers, fillers and wigs can make it easier than ever for women to build up confidence on their daily routine.


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1) Fine or thin hair at the part and front hairline:

Add coverage, length and volume on where you need it. It could be synthetic or human hair fiber and you need to focus on fill in the top and hairline with easy-to-attach or clip in hairpieces that easily blend with your existing hair.


Guloor’s Recommendation:

Wiglets, fillers, hair toppers or top pieces


2) Moderate to heavy hair loss at the part, top crown and front hairline:

Need to add a base size coverage for larger areas of hair loss area? Unhealthy diet, aging, female pattern baldness, stress and medical conditions can lead to this condition. Any of the top pieces, hair enhancers or halo frame additions allow easy application and comfort. They are flawless and undetectable to both the wearer and others around you. Snap or clip-in pieces, also with pull through options make these an easy choice for women with heavier hair loss needs.


Guloor’s Recommendation:

Top pieces, hair toppers, kippah fall or wig skin


 3) Heavy or complete hair loss:

Heavy hair loss is most commonly due to medical conditions, cancer treatment, alopecia, trauma and more. This level of hair loss requires a full wig, headband with hair wigs for full coverage. We have a range of wigs in human hair, synthetic, blended fiber or heat-friendly synthetic hair for women with sensitive scalps to choose from. Cap constructions include monofilament tops, hand-tied hair fiber, lace front hairline, and fully adjustable lightweight comfort.


Guloor’s Recommendation:

Full cap wigs, toppers, lace front wigs and more.


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