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How Do I Select the Right Size Cancer Wig?

Most of the average wigs for cancer patients might fit just about anyone, however there are some that might work better or fit more snug. In order to determine the right wig size for hair loss, you simply have to take one measurement and you will be good to go. In order to determine the right size wig you should measure around your head. Place the end of your measuring device at the center of your forehead, right at your hairline. Then take the measuring tape from your scalp down to the base of your neck, running behind your ears, and back to your forehead. With this number you be able find the wig size that is right for you. You can then compare these numbers with our wig sizes in order to determine which size you should get. However, do keep in mind that a wig might be within your size range but might not fit perfectly, so you should make sure that you always try on the wigs that you intend to purchase, especially if it is your first wig.


Choosing the right wig is a personal journey and we want to make sure that you are completely happy and satisfied with your headpiece. We want you to feel confident wearing her and we want you to continue to exude confidence and beauty as you go about your day to day activities. Choosing the right cancer wig will definitely boost your confidence.

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