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How to Choose a high-end men's skin toupee

Hi, everyone. Today I'm going to update you with a second post on how to select and identify high-end SKIN TOUPEES. First I need to explain a few features of SKIN TOUPEES, which are based on a very thin sheet of polyurethane. The texture is very light and lightweight and fits naturally to the scalp, which requires you to remove the hair at the top of the scalp before wearing TOUPEES so you can hold them. TOUPEES are for people who are cool weather, or who regularly engage in water recreation. 


Next, we will judge the quality with the following, first of all, this base is divided into multiple thickness, respectively, 0.02mm-0.03mm.04mm-0.06mm.08mm-0.10mm, three specifications. 0.02mm to 0.03mm are the most advanced process available, as TOUPEES of this size are completely invisible when worn. However, because it is too thin, it has a short service life and needs to be replaced in 4-6 weeks, which is preferred by perfectionist customers. 


0.04mm-0.06mm is the most popular style at present, its thickness is moderate, the effect after wearing is more natural, under normal use, the service life is in 3-6 months. Because it can also be attached to a higher density of hair, there is more room to choose from. 

The 0.08mm-0.10mm is a relatively low base, which few people would like to call, and comes more often at the edges of styles that match lace, which makes it easier to paste and clear the tape for the whole TOUPEES. Some of you have called TOUPEES in winter because they're very thick, very durable and very warm. 

Next we need to know about hair materials: 


The choice of hair material is also important for a high-end TOUPEES. TOUPEES, made with good hair, are smoother, softer, and shined. More natural and elegant after wearing. Overall TOUPEES are also more durable. 

Crochet products are also important: 

The most advanced process is the front V-loop process, while the other positions use reverse one-section solutions, which result in more durable and natural TOUPEES. A perfect number of TOUPEES are strictly controlled for the number of hairs per shot, ranging from one to two hairs, requiring at least 60,000 to 80,000 crocheted TOUPEES. So the production cycle for a high-quality TOUPEES should take at least 6-8 weeks. This is a fundamental parameter. 

Finally, we need to look at the finished base, which needs to be smooth, full and without any flaws.

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