How to Make a Natural Front Hairline Wigs


Once you have helped your clients make up their minds on the base material and design of their hair systems, there is still more to do. More and more people are asking for their hair replacement systems to be more and more realistic. That is why very thin, undetectable bases such as French lace, Swiss lace, super-fine welded mono or ultra-thin skin are particularly popular. However, to achieve an even more realistic appearance, especially as far as the front hairline is concerned, we need the knotting of the hair to be extra natural. Today we will introduce to you how Guloor Hair knots hair to make natural-hairline wigs.

Your clients would find that a regular front hairline would be a tell-tale sign to others that they are wearing a hair system. That is why we make irregular hairlines for all our hair systems, no matter whether they are stock or custom-made orders. At Guloor Hair, we pay attention to every tiny aspect of making a hair system. We are constantly striving to advance the wig industry and make our wigs more and more natural. If you would like to know more about wigs with natural hairlines or other techniques we use to make realistic human hair wigs, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at


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