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How to choose a high-quality wig?

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When choosing a wig, we always compare it with many other companies, but we still can't buy the real quality product, which is very frustrating. I have been in the wig making and selling business for many years and have had too many customers report to me that they have been cheated in the purchase of wigs. The presentation of the product was completely inconsistent with the actual product, spending a lot of money but getting almost no use for the product. Contact the merchant to return the goods but no one handles the matter for them. Ultimately, they have to bear the losses themselves. For those of you who suffer from hair loss, owning a perfect, high-quality wig is a great joy. But the confusion of wig market products, let them again and again disappointed.

So today I choose to write a blog about choosing high-quality wigs, hoping to help more friends who need wigs

1. Selection of raw materials:

Many of my friends who wear wigs are unaware of the importance of hair sources.

The materials used to produce wigs are divided into three categories:

1. Leave the cuticle intact

2. Remy hair

3. Non-remy

The first hair with the cuticle intact is the best hair, because it can be permed and dyed at will, exactly like our own hair. And usually on the hair care solution will be more easily absorbed, the service life of the whole wig will be longer, but the price of this kind of material wig is generally on the high side.

The second type of remy hair, which is the most popular raw material for hair, is treated with weak acid, which removes the cuticle of the hair itself so that the hair doesn't get tangled. The weak acid treatment doesn't hurt the hair itself, so it still has a relatively stable life. But because of the weak acid treatment, he no longer has the ability to lighten his hair, only to dye it darker. Perm is still possible.

The third type of non-Remy hair, currently the cheapest raw material for hair, is all the broken hair that has been treated with acid and dissolved into organic hair liquid, and then rebrushed. This is no longer human hair, but more artificial hair, and is currently used for wigs at the lower end of the market. Wigs made from this hair look fine when first acquired, but after wearing them for a short period of time, the hair can break, tangle, and dry out, a condition that cannot be remedied with care. And the hair cannot be permed or dyed in any way. Once permed or dyed, there will be immediate problems.

hair (3).jpg

2. Requirements of crochet technology:

For mesh base knits way is most common in the buckle and stand-up two kinds, the most important thing is that each needle in the process of project amount of hair, according to the requirements of our own plant each needle can only set up 1 or 2 hairs, so set up after the knot is very small, almost invisible, but it does make a wig need longer time to cost more, But the workmanship is very fine and natural.

Also, in order to reduce the cost and production time, there are many wigs, each needle will crochet 4-5 hair, efficiency increases, but the work becomes very rough, the knot at the root of the hair is very large and unnatural, and too many hair crochet together, the root knot can not be fixed well, it is very easy to hair loss.


3. Crochet direction of hair

Hair knits direction few wig manufacturer to pay attention to, and a wig whether natural hair knits direction has played a very important role, first hairline position of knits, serrated, scalloped, also have a straight line shape, and is a high-end wig hairline position will knot bleaching processing, it is a technical requirements of very high skill. Because bleach knots are done by many factories but can damage the nature of the hair, the hairline will fall out in a very short time. A high-end wig bleach knot is strictly controlled to achieve the same effect without damaging the hair. This is critical.

hair (2).jpg

4. Matters needing attention when purchasing wigs

Be sure to ask for photos and videos with the date and time next to your wig before shipping it to ensure consistency. When taking photos, be sure to have the shipper show all the details so that you can have a general judgment. The quality of a product.

In addition, if we can use the platform with capital protection as far as possible, we can ensure that there is a place to appeal in case of quality problems.

High-end wig vendors often charge their customers for shipping and choose the most timely delivery so you can receive the product and confirm its quality in a short time

5. After-sales service

Our products have a three-month warranty period from the date of receipt. If there is any quality problem in the wig within three months, we can return it or replace it. This is something many bad wig makers dare not promise. Because only the manufacturer knows the actual quality of the product.

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