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Injection Wigs

1. This is a very popular wig, which is prepared by our company for customers who demand Jewish headgear and white headgear.

2. The workmanship is very realistic and natural, the top area of the head uses a double-layer pinning process to perfectly implant the hair onto the base of the bottom SKIN, and the outermost layer is, simulated scalp yarn. The wig made using this process is very realistic.

3. the front of the forehead position we add 2MM folding process, so that the wig in the wear, the hairline position will be more natural, not easy to notice for hair topper thinning hair

4. The price of this style is more favorable. This wig uses our latest technology, greatly reducing the production costs, which also makes the whole wig becomes cheaper. At the same time the quality is also very well controlled