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What is bleach knots?

Hair system is a base structure knotted thounds of hair by human hands.There are many kinds of knots,like single knots,half knots,double knots,etc.Each of the knots has their own feature,Some are strong ,some looks more natural,some can make a free hair style.But at the end,they all have a knot on the surface of base.


Our natural hair grow up from our scalp,so we won`t have any black dots on our scalp.To make the hair system more like our own hair sometimes,we bleach the knots to a lighter color.Which we call it bleach knots,a lot of people like the front area`s knots to be bleached,some like crown area be bleached,and some like all head bleached.Bleached knots do make hair system looks natural,but on the other side of the coin.Knots bleaching will bring damage to the hair,and make it easy to shed off ,short the longevity of our hair system.Because of that ,we usually only bleach the front area.Also if the hair color is blonde,then there are no need to bleach it at all.2.jpg

One more advisedon`t bleach the knots by yourself,let the experience worker to do it.If you bleach too much,the hair will shed off.If the time not long enough,the color won`t change.

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