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Why do Hasidic Jewish women wear wigs?

In people’s mind,Hasidic Jewish women are away wear wigs. This tradition might looks unusual to outsiders. So that’s the question that people might be raised, Why do Hasidic Jewish women wear wigs?

To discuss the question, we must begin with the Orthodox tradition.Orthodox Jewish attach great importance to the quality of modesty,Which they called “Tznius”. In order to follow this quality, not only become more modest in heart, they also become more modest in behavior. They try to covered their bodies by clothes, the sleeves are longer than their elbows and the skirt are longer than their knees. This is to prevent men from being attracted to women's bodies. Sexual fidelity is a major thing which is taken seriously by Orthodox Jews. Genders are kept separate at schools, synagogues and even sometimes on transportation buses or in the street.

So when a woman gets married, her hair must be covered in public to prevent anyone from seeing it. This has led many women to form the habit of covering their hair all the time. The most common way they cover their hair is by wearing a wig or wrapping it in a scarf. Of course, sometimes they use a hat instead, but it usually doesn't cover all the hair. The wig they use is called a "sheitel" in Yiddish. It can be made of synthetic material, or made from real human hair.  They usually have two or more wigs, one for daily use and one for holidays and special occasions.

So the above is the answer of Why do Hasidic Jewish women wear wigs.

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