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Mens Toupee Hairpiece Skin Human Hair Systems 5#

100% Top Quality Euro-Touch human hair.
The suggested replacement period is 60 to 90 days.

  • Skin Units are also our top selling. 

    Normal thickness skin(0.12-0.14mm) are also quite welcomed there days.

  • The Invisible Medium Skin Hair System is a choice for those who may wear a heavier density and want added durability. As with the other two Skin Hair System the adhesion is very easy and will stay on for a long time. This system is popular with many of our "old school" clients. We can inject the hair instead of normal ventilation per request. To do so just mention in the instruction box on the order form. The density of Medium Skin Hair is 130%.

  • Cap Base

     Full French Lace; Lace&Skin; Mono&Skin; Full Mono; Full Skin

    Base Size

    5x8;6x8;6x9;7x9;7.5x9.5;8x10;8.5x10.5 or exactly your size


    As below pictures or your color advice

    Hair Length

    6inches or your preferred length

    Hair Type

    100% virgin human hair


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The Best Men's Skin Base 100% Human Hair Qingdao Replacement System.
The Best Men's Skin Base 100% Human Hair Qingdao Replacement System.

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