Hairpiece Factory

Hairpiece Factory

We have been in the wig factory as well as wig making industry for more than 60 years, and we are the leading wig enterprise in China, cooperating with many high-end brands, and our quality products are all over the world.

We are engaged in high-end wig making and have been maintaining the most advanced technology level in China, with several wig patent technologies.

The wig factory covers an area of about 200 acres , with a staff size of 1500-2000 people.
It is the world's largest wig raw material stockist, as well as the world's top three wig factories. The world's largest male wig factory.

We have different lengths of raw materials.
Adequate variety of raw materials: European hair, Brazilian hair, Mongolian hair, Chinese hair, Indian Remy hair, etc.



Our head office consists of many departments including quality control, client service, design, technical support, supply chain, and an operations team. Our highly specialized client service team is available around the clock. You can expect fast, friendly service when you reach out to them. We supply salons and retailers the best hair products with the most reasonable and competitive price.

We have professional R&D team and all of our staff are well trained with the latest trends and techniques in this industry.
We value the relationship with all of our customers, any inquiry is appreciated and our professional sales team will give you a fast and accurate response.

We value our international clients, so it’s important that we are able to communicate with our clients regardless of their time zone or location. Our professional staff will ensure you find the hair systems you need and the order is carried out efficiently. We have an excellent inspection team that guarantees consistent high quality throughout production. By offering our products to your customers, your brand will be respected and celebrated over time.



Our warehouse is large and has a wide range of colors and different models available to our customers.There’s a large variety of hair system designs for your customers including lace, skin, mono toupees for men, as well as full cap wigs, hair toppers,and hair extensions for women.

All of our stock products are ready to ship and the products can be delivered to you within 5 business days of the shipment date.


  • Yes, Guloor Hair is a hairpiece manufacturer, we can help with your product and branding needs. Our experienced branding department can asist youwith product logo, and package design In addition, we can customize your hairsystems according to your hair system designs.

  • Guloor Hair has an inventory of many pieces of hair systems with multiple base designs (lace, skin, mono, etc.) and over 50 hair colors that are ready for immediate shipment. By working with Guloor Hair, you can provide a fast delivery service to your customers without the need to overstock.

  • Please contact us (info@guloor.com) to get access to Guloor Hair wholesale price and support from an exclusive sale representative.

  • Yes, Guloor Hair is currently running a dropship program for small business owners. Even if you do not have many initial funds, you can still start a hair business with low risks.
    Contact us(info@guloor.com) to apply to be our dropshipper.

  • If you are interested in providing any images, videos for commercial use, please kindly contact us at info@guloor.com.
    If you are interested in becoming our writer, please kindly contact us at info@guloor.com.


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