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Mens Toupee Hairpiece Versatile Human Hair Systems 1B30#

The base size is 8”by10” and it can be cut down to any size.
100% Top Quality Euro-Touch human hair.
The suggested replacement period is 60 to 90 days.

There are two contradictory features in our hair industry: Natural and Durability.  

Honestly, it is quite hard to achieve both in the same design; because when we pay more attention on making the wig more natural, then the durability of the product will not last for a long time as you expect.

The solution for this challenge is to find a balance in between.

Versatile hits the right point to balance between being natural and durable at the same time. 

Perfect bleached french lace front makes the natural hairline. 

Finger shape helps to make the connection area invisible

Fine mono cap gives enough durability for the whole unit.

Poly-skin perimeter make the edge thin and natural.

All these improvements make Versatile lace wig to be a shining nova!


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