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If you are looking for a good supplier of Jewish hair items, Guloor is the right one. We offer all kinds of Jewish hair items, including Toppers, Jewish wigs, Kippah Falls, Pony Falls and more. We guarantee our products are 100% hand made, and the whole topper is multi directional.

Toppers can be customized with etheir mono skin or silk skin in 4″x 4″, 4″x 5″, & 5″x 5″ sizes.

The available textures include straight, slightly wave, soft wave, and curly. There is also another option of toppers, which is a bigger cap with skin tops and wefts, and we call it Kippah falls.

Please feel free to contact us for more information and prices at! We look forward to receiving your message!

Customers Feedback

Customers Feedback

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Name: Tess        time:2021-10-15 12:04:40
This is a awesome wig! The color is so true and close to my hair color no one knew it was a wig ! I need more wigs in this color!

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