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Mens Toupee Hairpiece Apollo Human Hair Systems 340#

The base size is 8” by 10” and it can be cut down to any size.
100% Top Quality Euro-Touch human hair.
The suggested replacement period is 90 to 180 days

Hair quality is always the first concern in our team and we believe it is also the most important thing that every wearer cares about.

Indian Remy hair is the best possible choice now. The hair remains superior status even after many months’ use; and which is the reason why we use it for Apollo model.

The center of Apollo is a fine mono, which not only ensures durability of the toupee, but also makes the base more breathable. Wide poly with gauze is used on the perimeter. It makes the bonding area strong enough to hold stand and not so thick at same time. Front scallops can easily hide the connection area and create an undetectable hairline. This model is designed as a good balance of natural appearance and durability.

Base Design : Fine Mono center 3"x3.5", 2" in front, 2.5" in temples, 3.5"in sides, 4"in back 
Base Thickness(mm) : 0.10-0.12 
Bleached Knot : YES 
Hair Density : Medium 120% 
Base Size : 8"X10" 
Hair Wave : Straight 
Hair Length : 6" 
Replacement Period : 90-180days


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