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The Information About Our Jewish Wigs

  •  About Virgin Hair

All our Jewish wigs are made of 100% virgin hair.
The raw hair material for virgin hair is braids, which are directly cut from donors. The braids are only washed and double drawed, and then made into wigs. During the whole production, the hair is not chemical treated, so the virgin hair keeps intact cuticles, and for sure all cuticles are going in the same direction. There is no damage on virgin hair, so the virgin hair lasts the longest. 

virgin cuticle hair

  • About Wig Length & Layered Styles

Our factory has three main styles, and they are called Long Layer, Short Layer & Non Layered. Take 16 inch wig as example, our three styles are just like the following diagram.Jewish Wigs Length Styles

Short Layer (16 inch )
All hair from the whole cap is less than 16 inch, and the wig’s finished length is 16 inch, with short layer.

Non Layered (16 inch)
Only the hair from the multi directional skin top is 16 inch, and the rest hair is less than 16 inch, and the wig’s finished length is 16 inch, non layered.

Long Layer (16 inch )
All hair from the whole cap is 16 inch, and the wig’s finished length is 6 inch longer than the hair length, say, 22 inch, with long layer. 

We also make some custom styles as the clients’ instruction.

  • About Multi-directional Skin Top

The multi directional skin top is the essence of Jewish wigs.
The multi directional skin top is composed of three layers. The hair is tied in the middle layer, and then the hair is pulled out from the most outer layer, which is monofilament or silk, therefore, there is no knots on the multi directional skin top, hidden knots.

In recent two years, our customers prefer monofilament skin (the most outer layer), because it is closer to human scalp than silk. And the hair pulled out from monofilament is more standing than that from silk, so the hair is more stereo feeling, not lay flat on the scalp. What’s more, monofilament is not as too white as silk.

Customers Feedback

Customers Feedback

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Name: Tia        time:2021-10-15 10:25:40
I have purchased many wigs and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the hair on this one. The color and texture were what one would expect from a much more expensive wig, and it sat on my head as naturally as my own hair.

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