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Cap Base

Full French Lace; Lace&Skin; Mono&Skin; Full Mono; Full Skin

Base Size

5x8;6x8;6x9;7x9;7.5x9.5;8x10;8.5x10.5 or exactly your size


As below pictures or your color advice

Hair Length

6inches or your preferred length

Hair Type

100% virgin human hair

Super Thin Skin Hair System is made from the lightest, most ultra thin poly ever made for a Hair System. Each hair is placed into the transparent 0.028mm ultra thin poly skin via angled V-loop. 

There is no appearance of knots. This Skin Hair System is as real as it gets. The Hair System takes the shape of your head and almost adheres to the skin items. It is not a durable Hair System and expect only about a month of wear from it.



1. 100% Virgin Human Hair pieces, toupees for men.

2. All shades of colors can be customized.

3. Fine monofilament base with transparent PU around the natural hairline.

4. Smooth and soft Virgin Human Hair with no shedding or tangling problem


Important Information about COLORS:

Different monitors on different devices can result colors slightly different. Please notice that colors in pictures shown below is only for your reference. 

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The Best Men's Skin Base 100% Human Hair Qingdao Replacement System.
The Best Men's Skin Base 100% Human Hair Qingdao Replacement System.

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