7 Ways To Keep A Human Hair Wig From Tangling


Today, we are going to talk about tangles, particularly in human hair wigs. As with most things, prevention is the best cure! So, by looking after your locks well, you can ensure that you will get the longest wear out of your wig. We want to see your hairstyle reach its full potential and last its whole lifespan for you to enjoy.

1. Brush it after wear 

We know that a matted mane is the last thing you want. Just like with biological hair, soft brushing and combing detangles and removes knots. We stock brushes that you can buy from us online. 

2. Sit it on a stand 

Whenever your wig is not being worn, it should be stored on a stand. When you go to sleep or switch over to another style of headwear, never throw it onto your dressing table or into a drawer to sort out tomorrow. It is very important to let the strands lie properly! 

3. Don’t sleep in it 

You should never go to bed while wearing your wig, as this causes more damage than it is ever worth. If you want something soft and cosy covering your scalp, we stock specialist caps for sleeping in. 

4. Wash it well 

The most vital thing to get right is washing your wig. Clean it only once a week and use the correct products. 

5. Double the dose 

Due to the lack of a blood supply, wigs are a lot drier than hair which grows naturally from the head. 

We would recommend using at least double the amount of product that you would usually use on your own hair. Try getting into the habit of applying a few daily drops of serum to your wig as well. 

 6. Hold off on heat 

Reducing your use of heat is hugely beneficial to the health of your wig. Always use heat on a lower setting and heat-style it only after washing once a week. When it comes to morning touch-ups, try to refrain from turning on your hot tools! 

 7. Go gentle 

Just like with biological hair, the best thing you can do is treat your tresses with tender love and care. Don’t be too rough with your wig or neglect it either. Finding the right balance across the board is what keeps our hair looking and feeling beautiful for a long time. 

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