How long will my hair system last?


Purchasing and wearing a men’s hair system is a cost-effective, efficient, and risk-free option when compared to hair transplant surgery. That’s why so many men up and down the country choose our high quality, stylish hairpieces to look and feel great. Our men’s items look natural, are cool and comfortable, and can be styled and treated like your own hair.

Whilst men’s hair systems provide an easy way to reinvent your look even in the face of hair loss, they, unfortunately, don’t last forever. But how long do hair systems last? And is there anything you can do to increase its lifespan? Here we answer those all-important questions…

What’s the average lifespan of a hair system?

Just how long your hair system will last depends on several factors, including its base type, material, attachment, cleaning, and maintenance. Your lifestyle will also influence the lifespan of your hair system.

As a rule of thumb, hair systems last 6 to 10 months, although the tape or liquid adhesive tends to degrade much faster. Bonding replacement and reattachment are generally needed every 6 to 8 weeks.

Again your daily lifestyle affects how often you need to replace your hair system adhesive.

Exposure to chlorinated or salty water if you’re a frequent swimmer for instance can affect the bond between scalp and hairpiece.

Regular gym or sauna users may also find that their hair system needs reattaching more often as excessive sweating loosens the adhesive’s grip on the scalp.


Do synthetic or human hair systems last longer?

Here at Guloor, we stock several stunning system styles in both synthetic hair and human hair.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages, yet one reigns supreme when it comes to longevity.

How can I tell when it’s time to replace my system?

Due to the many factors that influence a hairpiece’s lifespan, keeping an eye out for signs that say it’s time to replace your hair system is vital.

Over time the condition of the hair system will diminish. It may also become more difficult to style, especially if it’s a synthetic hairpiece that sports a specific look.

If your hair system doesn’t shine like it used to, despite the products you add to make it look natural and healthy, you should consider a replacement.

The texture of your hairpiece will degrade over time too. The ends of the hairs will fray, the fibre of the wig may appear drier or frizzier than usual, and your hairpiece may begin to shed.

The fit of your hair system could signal the end of its life. Your hair system should offer a snug but comfortable fit.

As time goes on, it’s likely to loosen and stretch out due to frequent wear, and many even require more regular adjustment throughout the day.


Can I make my hair system last longer?

When preserving the condition of your hair system, it’s all about how you care for it.

Sleeping in a sleep cap or on a silk pillowcase will help to reduce the friction that causes fraying, tangling and breakages.

Conditioning your wig is another must for imitating the moisturising effects of naturally produced sebum and maintaining a healthy finish. When styling your hair, be sure to do so with a hairpiece safe brush.

Whilst heated styling tools will damage synthetic wigs, they can be used with ease on human hair systems.

But you must exercise caution to keep your human hairpiece in tip-top condition as Cosmopolitan explains:

“You should treat these wigs like you would your own hair. This means spritzing on a heat-protectant spray all over before using any hot tools.

Johnson also recommends removing your wig while you sleep and placing it on a wig head (or laying it flat in a silk or satin bag) to keep your style intact for longer, while also limiting your use of heat.”

Buying a high-quality hair system in the first instance is guaranteed to give you a great look for the long haul, and thankfully, you’re in the right place.

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