Can You Wear A Wig Without A Cap?


Which do you prefer? Do you like to feel the comfort of a cap on your skin, or do you prefer to wear our wig directly on your scalp? Would you ever make the switch?

Pros of Wearing a Wig Cap

Pro: Caps can make you feel fresh.
People may choose to wear a cap beneath their wig as a cushion of cosy comfort! Whether you have a sensitive scalp or not, many wig wearers find that slipping on their wig cap on is a lot like pulling on a pair of fresh socks in the morning.

Another argument in favour of wig caps is that washing your wig is recommended only once a week, whereas you can clean and change your cap every day. So, that may strike you as more hygienic.

Pro: Caps can soak up any sweat.
Wig caps can also act a preventative barrier between your scalp and your wig. For hotter heads, this can benefit the longevity of your locks and protect them from exposure to moisture. Dampness has a damaging effect on your wig, hence why we would never recommend wearing a wig whilst your head is wet.

Pro: Provides a barrier for sensitive skin

A lot of clients we see have complete hair loss and therefore their head is more vulnerable to sensitivity. The actual wig cap or base can rub and some adhesives that are used can also irritate the scalp so wearing a wig cap can actually act really act in a comforting way for some wearers. 

For exercise or during hot weather, maybe consider a cap or slip into another style of headwear that has been specially designed for hair loss.

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Cons of Wearing a Wig Cap

Con: Caps may make you feel hot.
On the other hand, some wearers prefer to skip the step of wearing a wig cap. After all, it is just another layer on top of your head so, if are already feeling hot, then it may not be the best option
for you. There is no right or wrong. As we have previously mentioned, this is all about personal
Con: Caps may make your wig slip.
You may find that wearing a wig cap, or anything else under your wig for that matter, creates more chances for slide. So, if you worry about your wig slipping out of place, then we would recommend trying to wear yours without the cap instead. This is because wigs are constructed to lie against your skin and not on top of another smooth surface which may be more slippery!

Perhaps, as an alternative to a wig cap, you might like to try a wig grip band instead?

Top tip: If you do have extremely sensitive skin and scalp and you considering wearing a wig cap, we would strongly recommend washing and moisturising your scalp routinely. Also be sure to wash the wig cap itself! 

For more information on what is the best option for you, please don't hesitate to contact us directly and our expert team will happily advise you on your options. 

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