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Best and Effective Hair Extensions to Add Length on Your Hair

Once you try them you cannot survive without them. Yes, hair extension is a boon (and an addiction too) especially for those who can only dream of longer, fuller mermaid blocks. From fixing a bad haircut to adding playful hues to giving different looks for different occasions hair extensions can do a lot more than what you imagine. 

There are tons of wigs and weaves available, but make sure you buy 100% human hair extensions ALWAYS! This is critical because you can cut, color, and even wash human hair extensions and not synthetic. However, like people say ‘everything has a price attached to it’, so does the human hair extensions too. 

But no fret!
At Guloor, we offer the best hair extensions at a pocket-friendly price.  If you are on a limited budget, let us walk you through few best practices so you can choose the best hair extensions at affordable prices.


High-quality clip in extensions: If you do not use extensions on a regular basis, blending the weft of hair on clips with your natural hair is an ideal choice. Enviable hair without breaking your bank is guaranteed.

Tape in hair extension: Meet the most requested hair extensions in salons worldwide! And, the icing on the cake – Tape in hair extensions are quite natural hair extension method with low maintenance cost. Plus, you won’t really feel them on your head as they are feather light. This is comparatively quick and easy human hair extension method and is perfect for short-term party purposes. 


If you are someone who has a ‘no heat, no chemicals on my hair’ policy, give a shot to micro-ring hair extension. Lined inside with a silicone tube, the micro rings with hair extensions are carefully clamped in place. This is the best hair extension method available at present, especially for the first time extension wearers. With proper care, micro ring extensions can last for up to 5-6 months. 

While all the above are considered the best hair extensions, before finalising the best hair extension method for you, ask yourself these questions: 

  • Do I have a lot of time in the morning or afternoon to style my hair?

  • Is versatility important to me?

  • Should I go with the best and pricey hair extensions or with the low price hair extensions which still doesn’t compromise on quality?

If you find your personal choice of best hair extensions, Guloor – the best hair extensions place, is always open. And, if you haven’t yet, let our professional stylists do a consultation for you. 

The Choice is yours!

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