Front Hairline Shapes & Tapes


Front Hairline Shapes & Tapes


The whole purpose of wearing a wig is to achieve a seamless, natural look and look great. To do this, one must consider the shape of the hairline at the front of the wig. They are very important because they help create a natural hairline and can affect the overall look of the wig. The shape of the front hairline can vary depending on the type of wig and the style it is intended to emulate.


Many wigs require tape and adhesive to secure themselves securely to the scalp. Therefore, it is important to choose a wig band that will compliment your front hairline and minimize the discomfort or irritation caused by wearing a wig. The correct shape of the wig band depends on the style and fit of your wig, as well as your personal preferences and needs. Try different shapes and types of wigs to find the best one for you.


Read further to better understand the front hairline tape and shape.


What are the front hairline shapes on the market?


There are six front hairline shapes on the market. A, AA, B, BB, C, CC - These shapes are the industry standard for hair systems, and most tape manufacturers use precise measurements to make pre-cut tape for the shape of the front hairline.


A & B - shape has a sharp edge; However, comparing the two shapes, the A-shape has A rounder front than the B-shape. The front of the B shape deepens at a greater Angle, forming straight edges on its sides.


AA & BB - similar in shape to A and B, but narrower in design; As a result, sharp edges are more defined. AA and BB shapes are perfect for those with hair systems that create widow peaks.


C & CC - shapes Let's say they're C shaped; However, only the CC shape describes this concept. The C looks straighter than the curve, and the CC looks more like the A. The C shape has a very slight bend near the end of the tape. The curves are very subtle and can easily be missed by the straight face shape. The CC shape deepens more at an Angle, forming A rounded front rather than pointy like the A. The CC shape is perfect for people with a wide hairline.


What are the most popular hairlines on the market?


  The main front hairlines and Superhairpieces on the market are the A, CC, and C front hairstyles.


  While there are other front hairline shapes, manufacturers have stuck to the standard four types for many years - the AA type is usually used for the pointed front hairline. A and CC are the most widely used, as they fit most wearers on average, while C is better for those with very flat or wide faces.


  B and BB shapes are very pointy, and only a small percentage of wearers who want to maintain the widow peak will request a B or BB shaped front face. But even then, the AA shape will still provide that look.


  As for the Straight front hairline, only a few wearers will ask for the edges of the hair system to be straight, as it looks unnatural. As a result, the C-shaped front face provides a slight curve that mimics the natural roundness of the wearer's face. The curve on the front hairline gives a natural look, as it is rare to see a human face with a straight front hairline shape.


  There is A 1mm difference between the front hairline of A and CC on the hair system as measured by human eyes. The two front shapes are the most popular because not only are they similar in shape, but they also offer some room for variation for the wearer to have a rounder front shape.


  The A front hairline is most popular among Caucasians and the C front hairline is most popular among Asians. This is because in general, Caucasians are known to have a narrower front hairline than people of Asian descent. On average, Asians generally have wider faces, which requires a straighter front hairline on their hair system. But because many wearers come in many different shapes and sizes, as well as front hairlines, most hair systems in the industry typically use A/CC forehead to accommodate the average wearer who may fall into either shape category.


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