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How do I pick the right toupee?

How do I pick the right toupee?

1. Regular exercise, so it is easy to sweat, which kind of toupee is the most breathable, suitable for people who like to exercise?

The full lace toupee is the most breathable and lightest style. At the same time, the combination of lace and PU makes it not only breathable, but also easier to apply glue and remove. If you sweat a lot every day, it is recommended that you take off the wig once a week and do clean thoroughly


2. Which toupee is the most secure and firm, which one should I choose?

All toupees are very secure and secure when worn correctly, and if you take care of your toupee properly (removed, cleaned and re-glued every 2-4 weeks) it will stay secure and secure all the time

3. Does wearing toupee hurt the scalp?

As long as the toupee is kept clean and properly maintained, it will not damage your scalp and existing hair. Also, toupee actually provides sun protection to a certain extent in addition to its ability to give your image a boost, and can protect sensitive scalps from UV rays etc.

4. How often is the best time to replace the toupee?

It mainly depends on the base of your toupee, because wigs with different nets have different lifespans. For the ultra-thin PU base, the lifespan is only about 2 months, while the mono base can be used for 2 or 3 years. In addition, how often you wear it and how you care and maintain the toupee will also affect its longevity

5. Can I wear toupee to sleep, swim or shower?

Of course, sleeping and showering will not have any effect, but if you swim, the chlorine in the pool may damage the wig, so before swimming, it is best to deeply care for your hair, or wear a swimming cap to keep your hair dry, etc.

6. What should I do if the toupee does not meet my hair loss area?

We can provide customized services to create the most suitable hair block according to your specific needs. You can choose the hair material, color, curvature, density, hair flow, base, hairstyle, etc. of the wig to achieve a perfect match


7. Can I customize different densities in different parts of the base?

Sure, most clients will order a smaller density at the front hairline for a more natural look, while the surrounding hair can be less dense to blend seamlessly with your hair

8. After wearing the base, how often should I wash it?

The wearing time depends on the type of glue you use, your skin type, climate, and your lifestyle and other factors. It is recommended to wash it every 1-2 weeks to prolong the life of the wig. If you don't sweat much and live in a dry climate, you can wear it a little more, and wash it every 3-4 weeks. If you use a liquid glued lace wig, it is not recommended that you wear it for more than two weeks, because For too long, the liquid glue may penetrate the lace and be difficult to clean

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