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How to choose a suitable Toupee base?

How to choose a suitable Toupee base?

Our GULOORHAIR has been engaged in the wig production industry for 26 years. We have designed and developed a lot of base styles, and each style has its unique role. We can also design and develop according to customer requirements.

1. Lace system

2. Skin system

3. Mono system

Lace hair replacement system:

This type of hair replacement system is perfect for people who want to be natural and breathable. It is suitable for people who live in a hot environment for a long time because it has the best breathability and the most delicate hairline. Full lace styles can be cut to any shape and size, crocheted hair can be distributed in any position in the lace base, thus creating unlimited hairstyles.


At present, the main market is divided into French lace and Swiss lace.

French lace: breathable, delicate and durable. It has the most natural front hairline because its color looks natural.

Swiss lace: This is the most comfortable, breathable and natural base material. It's comfortable to wear, soft, delicate and thin. However, it doesn't last as long as French lace and needs to be replaced more frequently.

We also have more lace upgrade models, which are very popular. Please contact us if you need them.

Skin hair replacement system:

The skin and hair replacement system is very suitable for people who pursue perfect TOUPEE. This TOUPEE is suitable for people who take part in the swimming and cool climate. It is very thin, soft and elastic, and can perfectly blend with the head skin, making it more natural to wear.


At present, the mainstream market is divided into three thicknesses:

Ultra-thin skin 0.02mm to 0.04mm, service life 1-2 months

Medium thickness 0.06mm-0.08mm, service life of 3-4 months

Maximum thickness 0.1mm-0.12mm, service life 6-8 months

If you need more special skin style, please contact us, we will provide you with design and customized service.

Mono Hair Replacement System:

Mono Hair Replacement system is a very durable TOUPEE, which can carry very high hair density and is very durable, but it is not as comfortable as lace system and skin system.

At present, high-end Mono systems in the market are mainly divided into Fine Monoand Super Fine Mono.

Fine Mono: it is the most common Mono at present. It can attach higher density hair and has good air permeability. The biggest advantage is that it is very durable.

Super Fine Mono: It integrates all the advantages of Fina Mono, while the base material is more delicate, more comfortable and natural.


According to Mono's advantages, we have upgraded the combination to make it more comfortable, natural and durable. If you need more information about this Toupee, please leave us a message.

About special customization and R&D:

We provide a professional service team for friends to consult, you can tell us all your requirements, our service personnel will develop the most suitable for you according to your requirements, 100% meet all your expectations.

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