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How to choose hair density?

Hair density is a very important factor in choosing a TOUPEE that suits you. According to our years of wig making experience, the current hair density is mainly divided into light medium density, medium density, medium high density. Although divided into three categories, the density of Toupee produced by each factory varies. Therefore, many friends are very embarrassed when choosing toupee density, and can not get really accurate value. Because of this, the toupee purchased by many friends cannot reach complete satisfaction. As a factory with 26 years of TOUPEE production experience, we have concluded a more convenient way to confirm hair density, thus solving the problems of many friends.

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As for the choice of hair density, first of all, we need to match different hair density wigs according to our age, so that it will be more natural after wearing wigs.

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First, if you are an elderly hair loss, you are advised to choose a light medium density. Because with the aging process of human beings, hair will slowly reduce at this time with a light medium density, after wearing will be very good simulation of the effect of the natural state, not only can let you become spiritual, but also will not appear distortion of embarrassment, you can more naturally present themselves.

Second, if you are in the middle age of 35-60 years old, it is recommended that the hair density you choose is medium density. Because friends in middle age are more composed and rigorous, they often choose very formal business hairstyles. The medium density can create a variety of commercial issues, so that you can have more choices of hairstyle, flexible hairstyle can let you calmly deal with any occasion, business negotiations, dating, bar entertainment. Can better highlight your temperament.

Iii. If you are in your youth, it is recommended that you choose toupee with medium and high hair density. Because this kind of hair density is very high, the hair is very rich, after wearing, with everyone's first impression is very healthy. Secondly, young friends participate in parties, entertainment, sports and other projects more. In such occasions, it is usually impossible to take care of one's own hair style, so it is very wise to wear a medium and high density Toupee, because it has very rich hair and does not need special shaping. The effect of toupee's own hair style can be maintained well. Whether you're partying in a bar or fighting in a sports arena, it's the most natural and healthy thing you can do.

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How to determine the accuracy of hair density?

After years of research at Guloor Hair Products, the following conclusions have been drawn.

The finished weight of medium to light weight Toupee is about 45-60 grams.

The finished weight of medium density Toupee is about 60-75 grams.

The finished weight of medium to high density Toupee is about 75-85 grams.

Choose toupee's hair density according to the weight scheme we provide, and the error is very small. In this way, you can get the density that best suits you.


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