How to choose the right size human hair wig?


If you personally go to a wig shop to make a purchase, you should pay attention to the following points.

How to choose the right size human hair wig?


If you personally go to a wig shop to make a purchase, you should pay attention to the following points. 

1. The size should be appropriate, and the position of the wig's sideburns should match your own. 

2. There are generally two types of wig materials: one is real hair, and the other is artificial hair. It is best to use a headband made of real hair, and natural black hair that has not been dyed black in real hair is suitable. 

3. The bottom of the wig cover (the layer of hair on the machine) should preferably be a thin fabric with good breath ability and not very smooth. It has a very smooth base and is not easy to wear firmly on the head. 

If it is customized or mail order, be sure to attach the head size, which includes the following main parts. 

1. The size of the circle from the forehead to the lower part of the occidental bone, where the occidental bone protrudes from the back of the brain, should be positioned at the concave part below the occidental bone when measuring. 

2. The length from the hair root of the forehead to the lower part of the occidental bone. 

3. The length from the root of the two ears to the top of the head. 

4. The distance between the two temples of the forehead. 

5. The distance between the hair roots of the two ears. When wearing a wig, you should wear it yourself in front of the mirror, holding the hair cover at the temples with both hands, and starting to wear it on your head, It should be slightly forward, and after the mirror observation has been aligned, use both hands to press and hold the top until the hair cover moves back to the appropriate position. When choosing a wig, it should be coordinated with the skin color. When wearing a wig, it should be coordinated with the skin color. When you have hair, you should try to choose a color that is the same or similar to your own hair color. When you have less hair or no hair, you should choose according to the skin color. Choose a brown or light brown wig for a white complexion; Black or brownish black wigs should be chosen for dark skin tone; Yellow skin color should choose chestnut or dark brown wigs; When participating in makeup parties and other activities, one should choose wigs that are coordinated with their makeup color and lighting, such as wine red, yellow, orange red, purple red, etc. How many styles of wigs are there? Currently, there are many types of wigs available on the market in China. Organic weaving, semi woven, and fully hand woven. There are two types of hair clips and headsets. What are the types of wigs, and how to use and maintain them can be divided into fiber wigs and hair wigs. Due to the different textures of wigs, the methods of grooming and care are also different. Fibrous wigs have the characteristic of not deforming after washing, but they should not be rubbed by hand during washing, otherwise they may stick together. Washing method: After soaking the wig in warm water, soak it in warm water containing shampoo for 5 minutes; Gently press in the shampoo water to remove the dirt, and then rinse the foam with clean water; Soak the wig in water containing conditioner for 5 minutes, then rinse off with clean water; Take out the wig and place it on a towel, gently press to absorb the moisture; Smooth sorting, natural air drying, and after air drying, it can be restored to its original state. Before wearing a wig, the overall hairstyle should be combed, mainly using wooden combing tools. Do not comb extensively after wearing, only make simple adjustments locally. Hair wigs have the characteristics of soft hair, elasticity, and strong authenticity. But after washing, it will deform and require styling treatment. Washing method: Soak the wig in clean water, soak it in warm water containing shampoo, and gently rub it with your hands to remove any dirt; Rinse the foam away with clean water, and then treat with hair conditioner; After washing, remove the wig and gently press it with a dry towel to absorb the moisture; Place the wig on a wooden pallet and comb it smoothly. According to the needs of the hairstyle, curl it up for floral design or hair styling. Hair wigs need to be reshaped every time they are washed, and various grooming tools can be used according to the needs of the hairstyle. The styling of hair wigs should mostly be done on brackets, but during the operation, it should be repeatedly placed on the wearer's head to try the effect and make the hairstyle suitable for the face shape. When combing a wig, the movements should be gentle and gentle, and no force should be exerted on the root of the hair. When styling, the heat of the wind should not be too strong. Before styling the hairstyle, try wearing it on the customer's head to make it meet their needs.


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