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How to maintain your men's toupee



No matter what kind of hair, shampoo is a must, it has a cleansing, decontamination, moisturizing effect, can help your toupee out of dry and fragile state.

Natural oils are irreplaceable ingredients in any human wig shampoo, as they make Toupee's hair shine and soften and reduce the risk of tangles.

But Toupee doesn't wash as often as we do with real hair, just once every 10 days on average.

If your scalp sweats too much or you use too many styling products, take shorter showers and use more shampoo.



The structure of real person hair is far more complex than the structure of synthetic wig, and without the nutrition provided by scalp, we need to artificially maintain, let its maintain a natural appearance, won't become irritable.

So conditioner is essential because it provides nutrients and moisture to the hair, reducing the risk of breakage.

At the same time, the conditioner also reduces tangles in human hair, thus increasing the lifespan of men's Toupee.

3.Hair essential oil


Essential oils protect your hair every time you blow dry or flatten it. It adds texture to the hair, maintains moisture and protects Toupee from heat waves, creating a safety barrier.

If your Toupee loses its shine, you can also use this smooth lotion to restore it.



Hair needs to be combed with a hairbrush, otherwise it is easy to tangle

For Toupee, the special comb for Toupee should be used as far as possible. If not, a wide-tooth comb can also be used

Brushing your hair regularly will keep toupee in its original style and reduce the likelihood of tangles and frizziness

As long as you maintain your Toupee regularly with the above items, it won't be worse than the original hair, and no one will even be able to tell that your hair is Toupee

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