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How to use glue to better wear Toupee.

1.Time to control

One of the ways men's toupee is fixed is with glue; It is very demanding for time control.

When the adhesive is ready, you must catch the perfect time to paste toupee.

Wearing the toupee wrong: Some novices may want to put the toupee on quickly, so putting it on before the liquid glue has set is a big mistake and can lead to an awkward situation.

Because the liquid glue hasn't set yet, your toupee slides over your scalp; When the gel sets, your toupee sticks to your head in a weird way that looks unnatural.


Of course, if the glue solidifies, it doesn't work either; This will cause it to lose its stickiness and make it harder for your toupee to stick properly.

Therefore, it is very important to control the time of glue solidification state; It is necessary to wear Toupee when the glue is semi-solidified, so that it will not slide and has a strong viscosity, which can well fix the toupee for men.

2.Glue dosage

Many beginners think that the more glue you use, the better the wig will hold on.

Now the glue is strong and durable, as long as a thin layer of skin on the scalp can be worn wigs.

Don't overuse it or you'll add unnecessary waste to your cleaning work later.

Because if there is too much glue, it will run out of the sides of the wig after you put it on, and you will have to spend a lot of time scrubbing it off to prevent it from drying out and looking uncomfortable.

mans toupee.jpg

Part of the glue gets absorbed into the bottom of the wig's mesh, and when it dries, your wig dries and your hair doesn't swing as easily as it used to, making your look a problem

3.Wear a wig after cleaning your scalp

When wearing men's hair blocks, make sure the scalp is free of oil and other impurities, otherwise the wig will not adhere properly.

But many people who are not familiar with wearing wigs don't know this, so they often wear them directly on their heads

Because there are grease and impurities on the scalp, the viscosity of the glue will be greatly reduced, and it may fall off at any time, making people embarrassed.

To ensure adhesive strength, you must clean your scalp of oil, dirt and product residue with alcohol before wearing the wig

In addition, if your scalp is sensitive, try using some scalp protectants to prevent itching and irritation on your scalp.


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