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The Differences Between Full Lace Cap and Lace Front Cap

Full Lace Cap

Full lace cap wigs are the most comfortable wigs because of the soft and stretchable lace cap. And you can freely part your hair like your own hair.



Hand ties the hair to the cap lace.

But, as it needs a lot of hand works, so the price is comparatively higher than the other two kinds of caps when with the same hair type, length, density.

1. Price: High

2. Hand-tie Area: Full Head

1. Can be parted anywhere
2. High ponytail or updos available.

1. The price is higher than the other two kinds of caps with the same hair type, length, and density.

Lace Front Wigs


Lace front wigs are the most traditional lace wigs, they have more affordable prices than full lace wigs when with the same hair length, density, and the same hair type.

But the traditional 3" lace front wig cannot meet our demand for a beautiful long deep parting, just like the celebrities, so, we are now launching three types of lace front caps for you to choose from, give you a chance to have a deep 6" part line.

Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 9.55.24 PM203294.png

Different type of lace front caps offering.

Price: Medium to Low

Hand-tie Area: On the Front Parting Area

1. Can be part in the front area; 
2. The price is more affordable than a full lace cap wig;
3. If you love deep parting, you can custom the size of the hair parting line.

Can see the tracks on the back if you separate the hair.

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