The different type of hair


To explian the difference between differrnt types hair

You must be always heard the hair factory said what type of hair you want ?Do you feel confused ?Do you know the difference between different type hair ?Let me tell you .There always have 6 types of hair on the market .It is Indian hair ,Brazilian hair ,Chinese hair ,Mongolian hair ,European hair and Russian hair.First I want to say the Indian hair ,it is soft and thin ,but it can not hold bleached and too light color.Then the Brazilian hair,Chinese hair and Mongolian hair ,actually most customers love them ,those types of hair always is natural black color,they can be bleached and can dyed it to any color you want.And price is affordable.And last is Russian hair and European hair ,those two types of hair is soft and it has their own color, it means you can get the ombre color or highlight color or balayage color in virgin hair because it doesn’t need to dye.Okay that is the difference between them,have you got it ?


Men Hair

Women Hair